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Sunshine College is a diverse and vibrant community.  We value Growth, Learning, Relationships and Wellbeing, and these values are fundamental in fostering the balanced development of young people where they can build the necessary resiliency to face challenges confidently.

We acknowledge our role as educators, peers and role models to encourage a positive and safe environment in which students are free to explore their world, and to practice the skills necessary to become educated, aware, compassionate and empowered citizens. Our student leadership and peer support programs empower students to promote collective responsibility and make positive, impactful contributions to their peers’ wellbeing.

"Every teacher is a teacher for wellbeing"


Under the ethos of 'every teacher is a teacher for wellbeing’, our school recognises the importance of wellbeing being integrated into the whole school curriculum. Sunshine College staff pride ourselves in pastoral care and the ability to foster meaningful relationships with students, understanding our young people beyond their academic outcomes. A crucial support mechanism is the Pathways subject where staff build valuable social and emotional skills utilising the Safe Schools and Rights, Responsibilities and Respectful Relationships Programs that provide guidance and resilience to students.


The Wellbeing team is dedicated to the holistic support of each and every student. Consisting of wellbeing leaders, Pathways/Pastoral care leaders, school nurse and school psychologists, our team collaborate with community groups and services to provide a range of initiativies that implement whole school programs as well as tailored one to one support.


We proudly engage with the following community programs and services:


  • Raise Foundation – In School Mentoring Program

  • IRON ARMOUR ACADEMY – Bounce Program

  • Sidekicks 

  • eSmart – Digital Thumbprint & Brainstorm Productions

  • Foundation House

  • Beyond Blue / beYou

  • Headspace 

  • Reachout

  • Brimbank Youth Services

Sunshine College 2023 - 2026 Engagement & Wellbeing Framework

During remote learning, our teachers made a playlist to help get students up and grooving in the morning. We hope you enjoy it, too!

The Victorian Government has announced new Child Safe Standards start in Victoria on 1 July 2022 to better protect children. You can find more information on the Commission for Children and Young People website.

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