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At Sunshine College, we use the Compass School Management system. This software provides a portal for use by our school community.

Compass provides many benefits to our school community. Through the Parent Portal, you can:

  • Have a single online point of contact that can be accessed via any device (computer, tablet, smart phone) with internet availability.

  • Access your child's semester reports.

  • View and approve attendance information - absence, late arrival and early departure.

  • Complete excursion permission forms online.

  • Access information and payment facilities online for school fees, excursions etc.

  • Update your registered email and mobile number (used for SMS alerts).

  • Access information regarding upcoming school events and news.

  • Give payment and consent for school excursions and events.

You can access Compass through this link: or the login button on this website's menu.

If you are new to the school, your user name and password will be given to you once you start at the school.

Download the mobile app

Frequently asked questions about Compass:

For help with your login or password, email:

How to install the Compass mobile app: Download the instructions

How to  access your child's reports: Download the instructions

You can also visit the Compass website for more help:

Read the Compass guide for parents & families

Read the FAQs for parents and carers

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