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Laptop on Blue Background

BYO Device

At Sunshine College students are encouraged to bring their own computing device (laptop or tablet) and connect to the school's network. 

Students will be able to access programs, like the latest Microsoft Office software.

Sunshine College recommends the following minimum specifications:

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • HDD: 256 GB

  • DISPLAY: 1920×1080 (1080p or FHD)

  • WIFI: 802.11n

  • OS: Windows 11 Home (Do Not Get "Windows 11 S")
    MacOS Sonoma (v 14.4.1 or higher);

Students will have to adhere to the College’s Student Management policy and BYOD Policy.

What happens if you need technical support?

  • At recess or lunchtime students can take their device to the IT department. ICT staff will check if it is a software or hardware problem.

  • If it is a software problem they will fix the issue. If the issue is a hardware problem, Sunshine College is not responsible. The family will need to arrange their own repair.


College ICT staff do not fix any hardware problems other than for school owned devices and DET’s notebook for teachers program.

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