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Student Awards

At Sunshine College we recognise and reward students for effort, personal achievement and excellence.

Students are rewarded in areas of academic growth and excellence, leadership, exemplar behaviour, participation in house activities, college sports, music and other co-curricular activities. We celebrate student achievement regularly at campus assemblies, the campus end of year awards and our annual college awards.

Our annual college awards is an opportunity for the whole school community to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of many of our students. During this annual event major awards and prizes are presented for:

  • SunLit

  • College House Champions

  • Sports Team Recognition

  • Deaf Facility Award

  • Alumni Scholarship

  • College VET Award

  • College VCAL Award

  • Western Chances Scholarship

  • Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship

  • Australian Defence Force- Long Tan

  • The Caltex Best All-Rounder

  • National Mathematics Competition

  • Diana Scott Music Award

  • College Citizenship Award

  • Vietnamese Parents Association

  • Insight Publications Senior English Award

  • Dux of the College

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