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Our College uniform

  • Promotes a sense of pride, connectedness and school spirit within the college.

  • Enables students to be identified at all times (at and away from school ie excursions) and maintains a safe and secure environment.

  • Raises the image of the school and its students in the broader community.

  • Helps reduce social and economic differences between students.

  • Promotes structure and discipline among students.

All uniform items are available for purchase from our uniform supplier:

Double C Jeanery

2 Aviation Road, Laverton
Ph: 9369 4307

Sunshine College Student Uniform Policy


It is compulsory for all students to wear the complete uniform whilst at the College, travelling to and from the College and when attending College functions unless directed otherwise.


This policy was developed in accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

  1. Students are expected to wear the complete uniform and to present a neat appearance whilst at the College, travelling to and from the College and when attending College functions unless directed otherwise.

  2. The uniform must be clean and tidy in appearance and in good condition.

  3. Black leather regulation school shoes must be worn at all times. Sneakers and other sports shoes may be worn during PE classes. School shoes must have flat heels. Boots, pointed shoes, suede shoes ballet flats and open toe footwear are not permitted.

  4. In general, jewellery is not permitted. However, if ears are pierced a standard sleeper or stud may be worn. For Health and Safety reasons, excessive facial piercings are not permitted. If students have facial piercings they will be asked to remove them during school hours.

  5. Tattoos must remain covered while at school.

  6. Unconventional hair colouring and hairstyles are not permitted. If hair is long it may have to be tied back for practical classes.

  7. Skivvies, hooded tops, colourful T-shirts, and leggings are not permitted to be worn under the school uniform.

  8. Excessive make up is unsuitable for school and should not be worn.

  9. Students participating in PE and Sports must wear the Sunshine College polo sports top, black shorts, white socks and runners. It is compulsory and part of HPE curriculum program.

  10. School shirts must be worn appropriately at all times.

  11. Students must always wear the complete school uniform. Students wearing inappropriate or offensive items of clothing will be asked to remove them. Students are not permitted to wear a combination of sport uniform and school uniform (for example, school’s sports polo top and school trousers).

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