Reading a Book


Sunshine College booklists are now available online.

All orders are to be completed online at


Note: the text/materials for Health & Physical Education and Mathematics are to be purchased from Sunshine College directly.

How to order

  1.  Go to the website

  2. Hover over Sunshine College 2021 and click on the appropriate year level

  3. This will generate a list of booklist items to purchase. Simply add to cart the items required (including the packing and processing fee) and proceed to check out. You can include stationary items as a pack, add each items individually, or purchase them elsewhere if you choose (just take note of exactly what's needed: eg dotted notebooks or graph paper)

  4. If you're purchasing for a student in Year 9 - 12, they will have electives. Please ensure you select the right texts and resources, as all available subjects for the year level will be listed.