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Teach the Teacher

Designed and run by students, Teach the Teacher creates positive communities through student-led conversation. By giving students a greater say in their education, Teach the Teacher aims to create an inclusive culture where everyone’s voices are equally heard.

Sunshine College in conjunction with the VicSRC has empowered students to have a greater say in decisions that affect their learning and their lives at school, and are given the tools to engage the wider student body to give all students a chance to be heard.


Sunshine College student leaders design and oversee the entire Teach the Teacher program. Student Leaders are supported by the college and VicSRC where they attend training workshops with VicSRC, facilitate professional learning sessions with their teachers and follow up about key findings and plan for how they can have a positive influence for change.


For further information about VicSRC and its programs please visit:

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Photo: Mr Nguyen getting a lesson in exploring our local area from students.

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