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Awards and Recognition

Here at Sunshine College, we're very proud of our achievements. Here are just some of the ways Sunshine College has been recognised for our curriculum innovation.

The Lindsay Thompson Award for Excellence in Education (2015)

“Sunshine College is a great example of a school working towards meeting our ambitious Education State targets to have more students reach the highest levels of achievement in mathematics and reading.” 

- Minister for Education, James Merlino 


ABC Breakfast with Sammy J: School's back (Take 3) - what will be different this time around?

Who is happiest about children returning to the classroom - the kids, teachers or parents?

Joining Sammy J is Jodie Parsons, head of curriculum at Sunshine College.

Listen here.


Above: Sunshine College students featured on the front page of the Herald Sun, 2018.

You can read the online version here (requires HS subscription).

Above: Sunshine College and one of our alum featured as part of a story on Ourschool, a not-for-profit program helping public high schools develop alumni programs. Sunshine College was one of the first schools to take part in this program.

How Sunshine College changed the way we taught and engaged with students and parents, improving both literacy and numeracy.
targeted teaching.png
A case study on the use of data to improve teaching in schools (note Sunshine College is coded "Big Sky College")
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