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House System

Why do we have a house system?

The purpose is to encourage full participation in school activities by all students. It enhances student and teacher relationships as members of each house work together to gain valuable points.


The House system across the college incorporates current activities such as Pi for Pie Day, lunchtime sports, and chess club.


The House system is designed around our College Values and to promote positive school wide behaviours such as simple day to day expectations of having the correct uniform/equipment, carrying the College diary, and showing an act of kindness.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves leadership skills and provides more leadership positions for students

  • Increases opportunities for success

  • Develops friendships between year levels and Campuses

  • Fosters healthy competition amongst the houses

  • Enhances sense of belonging

  • A greater sense of allegiance to their peers and their house

2022 College Athletics Day Champions


Red House

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