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Sunshine College shares its collegiate pride and success with the community by offering a range of scholarships which support the College’s educational philosophy that all students can learn, progress and excel in a particular field of endeavour.

Students may apply for more than one class of Scholarship. Selection is by interview - not entry exam.

Entry at Year 7:

Relationships & Wellbeing Scholarships


These scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated outstanding effort in supporting fellow students and have fully participated in the life of their school.

Learning & Growth Scholarships


These scholarships are available to students with an exemplary learning record demonstrating outstanding aptitude, achievement and growth in Mathematics and English, alongside a strong performance in general studies.

Specialist Scholarships


Specialist Scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and application at school who are strongly focused on personal growth in a particular area of expertise.

Leadership Scholarships

These are available to students with a solid academic record who have demonstrated leadership skills and potential in a variety of settings that include participation in school and community activities.

Other scholarships:

Sunshine High School Alumni scholarship

Developed with the SHS Alumni, this scholarship is provided to two students entering Year 11 and is to support them through their VCE for books and materials. Students cannot apply, instead are selected by teachers and Principals based on academic merit and achievements.

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