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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

News about our move to West, important dates and more.

Principal's Message

Students have been involved in remote learning for the majority of this term and will be expected to return to school on Tuesday 9th June. We understand this has been a challenging time for all students and staff and it will take a little time before all students readjust. Our welfare team will be visiting all classes to talk to all students and offer support to those that may require it.

Parents should be aware that due to COVID-19, some school programs have been modified or cancelled. For example, the City Centre Project for Year 9 students will be completed at school as a research project. The Year 10 Work Experience program as well as other extracurricular activities such as camps and excursions have been cancelled for this term until further notice. Nonetheless, this is also an exciting time for all of Ardeer Campus students, families and staff as we are looking forward to commencing at the new Lachlan Road Campus at the beginning of next term.

In order for students to become familiar with the new buildings, they will all have the opportunity to visit the Lachlan Road Campus before the end of this term. We have planned a comprehensive orientation program which will commence on Friday 19th June 2020. The orientation days for each year level are outlined below.

Year 7 Friday 19 June

Year 8 Monday 22 June

Year 9 Tuesday 23 June

Year 10 Wednesday 24 June

Students will not be attending the Ardeer Campus on this day, but will be expected to attend the Lachlan Road Campus between 9.00am to 12.30pm.

Parents/guardians are requested to make necessary travel arrangements for their children to ensure they are present at 9.00am and are collected at 12.30pm. Students who normally travel on the school bus will be dropped off and picked up from the Lachlan Road Campus.

During the orientation days, student lockers are going to be allocated therefore, they will need to bring their current school padlock to place it on their allocated locker. All students must be dressed in full school uniform and are expected to bring their own snack and refreshments for recess on this day. The student orientation day program is outlined below.

9am - 9.30am Student welcome and assembly in the gym

9.30am - 10.30am Class based campus tour and locker allocation

10.30am - 11am Recess

11am - 12.15pm The Amazing Discovery Challenge

12.15pm - 12.30pm Assembly in the Gym and farewell

I would also like to inform you that we have been working developing thorough regulations regarding maintain social distancing and hygiene that both students and staff will have to adhere to minimise the risk of infection. This also includes having cleaners on site throughout the school day.

Maria Agapiou

Ardeer Campus Principal

Sunshine College

West Campus facilities

School uniform

All students are expected to wear correct school uniform to and from school and during school hours. Students are expected to wear the school jacket or blazer during cold weather. The correct footwear must be worn. Runners and canvas shoes are not permitted. Parent support is required to ensure students wear the correct uniform. The correct wearing of the school uniform reflects pride in the school.

Breaches of the uniform policy will result in parent contact. Parents may be contacted and asked to bring the correct uniform to school or asked to give permission for their child to be sent home to change into correct uniform. We appreciate parent cooperation regarding this matter.

CSEF Applications

We are aware that unfortunately with the down turn in business and lost job opportunities a number of our families may now be eligible for the Victorian government Camps Sports Excursion Fund payment.

You can find more information, along with the forms to apply on the Department of Education's website.

Please read the application form information and have your child return the completed application to the front office of their campus when they return to school in the coming weeks. Applications must be submitted before 26th June. All the very best and continue to take care.

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