Graham Street,
   Sunshine VIC 3020

   Ph.  (03) 8311 5250
   Fx.  (03) 8311 5209


Oasis is a hands on intervention program for young people aged 12-15 who are struggling with
the demands of mainstream school.
We operate out of Sunshine College and offer an option for young people who ....
  1. are unable to regulate their behaviour
  2. face expulsion
  3. are non-attendees
  4. are disengaged
Placements are for ten weeks but students may stay longer if this is deemed to be helpful.


Oasis aims to ..
  • Promote regular school attendance
  • Develop student's confidence
  • Reengage students with learning
  • Promote independence & responsibility
  • Give students strategies to manage their behaviour


All referrals must come through a school's welfare team.
A student's motivation to change and suitability for the program will be assessed through an interview.
A parent/guardian and school representative will be expected to attend the interview.

Please download, complete and email enrolment form to Sunshine College:

OUR PROGRAM: Daily Structure

  • What's in the news
  • Literacy / numeracy classes
  • Choice of workshops ..
    1. Woodwork
    2. Welding
    3. Art
    4. Mosaics
    5. Kitchen
  • Day Camps (5 a year)
  • Excursions
  • Circus Oz (4 a year)


Most younger students transition back to school after a term.
Older students are often helped to find an alternative educational pathway.