CAMPUSES in 2019

Ardeer Campus Years 7–10
West Sunshine & Ardeer Community

Corner Glengala Rd & Allison St
Ardeer VIC 3022

North Campus Years 7–10
Northumberland Road
Sunshine North VIC 3020

Senior Campus and College

Graham Street
Sunshine VIC 3020

Telephone: 03 8311 5200    |    Facsimile: 03 8311 5209    |    E-mail:

Sunshine College will be opening a new ‘state of the art’ Years 7-12 coeducational school in Lachlan Road, West Sunshine and new STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) facilities at the Northumberland Road campus.

The information provided here is subject to ongoing reviews and may change without notice.

Some questions and answers about this new and exciting redevelopment of Sunshine College.

What are the future plans for how Sunshine College will operate?

Into the future Sunshine College will be a two site school with a new school on Lachlan Road, West Sunshine and new buildings at the Northumberland Road site. The two new schools will each cater for students in Years 7 to 12.

Why is the structure of Sunshine College changing?

One of the main drivers for change is the need to provide the students and community with the best possible modern facilities. The current buildings of Sunshine College were not designed for modern teaching and learning practices. Some areas of the school are in need of unrealistic maintenance and upgrading, therefore building “new” is financially the best option.
Sunshine College will operate as two Years 7-12 schools, allowing for students to change from one to the other depending on the career aspirations they have. Both sites will run very similar Years 7-9 courses and programs. At Years 10-12, students will be able to choose a career stream leading to University or Technology / Traineeships & Apprenticeships, similar to the way the schooling system works in Finland where students move off from secondary school to University or the Poly technics. Students in the senior years will be able to change courses unhindered should they change their mind on their career pathway. Both sites in Lachlan Rd and Northumberland Rd will have high spec STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) buildings, wellequipped sport facilities with gymnasiums, performing arts spaces and offer VCE and VCAL pathway.

What is being done about transport to the West campus for the Ardeer, Derrimut, Deer Park and Cairnlea Communities in 2020 and beyond?

The school already operates a very successful bus service for the Derrimut, Deer Park and Cairnlea communities. This will continue to run when the new school in Lachlan road is operational.

What about the programs Sunshine College runs, will they change in the future?
Sunshine College will continue to break new ground and provide the community with a variety of career pathways for its students. The facilities will change for the better. Our vision to create futures for our students will always drive the way we teach. The expectations we have of one another, in working together to get the best possible outcomes for our students will be at the forefront of our purpose.

Tim Blunt
College Principal